“I really want people to like me. I’ve always wanted that. I love art and I try to make people like me through art.”
“What kind of art do you do?”
“I’m a musician. It’s always been the easiest thing for me. I used to have a really bad speech impediment, so music gave me a way to express myself without saying anything.”

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*dives into pile of books*

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Message me 1 thing you want to know about me.

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Embrace your book addiction.

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Lightning strikes Lake Superior, not far from Larsmont, MN. The family in the foreground, enjoying a campfire, headed indoors not long after. Storms like this frequent the area in August. The light on the horizon is from the Two Harbors lighthouse.

Summer Thunderstorm Puts on Show by Howard Ignatious.

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I just want to be HOME right now.


Minneapolis Music Flashback Friday - Têtes Noires

Têtes Noires was the first all-female rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota, best known for their “casually mocking” feminist lyrics and for three- and sometimes up to six-part vocal harmonies. Founded by former Miss South Dakota Jennifer Holt, they gave concerts from 1983 until about 1987, and recorded three albums which received positive reviews nationally. As Susan Borey wrote for Spin, the name means “black heads” in French, which they used to describe their hair color (like birds and not a complexion problem).

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empty sidewalks… #nordeast #minneapolis #minnesota #rideyourbike #sepia (at St. Anthony Main Theatre)

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Minnesota Skies - Grays & Greens

The first of five sets.

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charlize theron, j’adore dior

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