okay i was asked to post pics from my oregon trip so here’s one from when we went hiking at multnomah falls!!!

it was so beautiful and i totally recommend the hike to anyone traveling there. it’s pretty long and steep and tbh i couldn’t catch my breath while going up but i didn’t say anything bc i didn’t wanna be an inconvenience lmao but i made it to the top and there were ppl chillin in the river and it was a nice view!!!

more on my instagram: @simona_zav

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Urubici - Santa Catarina (by Guilherme Schaefer)

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Lovely succulents. Jovibarba heuffelii.

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I am REALLY REALLY good at isolating myself and that’s really all I know about me.


Frank McCourt, 'Tis

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Craving human interaction but exhausted by trying to initiate contact.

Also my friend said he was making pumpkin cookies which earlier I had said I wanted to help with so I could bug him and hang out with him but from the way he was flirting with me last time we got drunk I now definitely know he likes me and idk I don’t have the energy to deal with that right now.

I wanted to go out but I’m just so sick of always asking to do things with people because no one ever asks to do anything with me so when I ask 4 different people to go with me and they all decline well that’s my limit I guess idk i didn’t feel like asking anyone else I don’t like feeling needy

(I only bring this up b/c a mass team text was sent saying if we’re not at the party we better have a good excuse and well that’s why I’m not there even though I’d like to be) (it helps to know that it’s not close enough where I feel comfortable walking alone at night)